Lorraine Shaquan Kljajic aka Loshaq- Business Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Cultural Promoter

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Business Consulting

As a seasoned business consultant, Lorraine Kljajic offers strategic guidance and support to entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to grow and succeed. She has years of experience in Brand Management, Marketing Strategies, Marketing Research and Business Development. She laverages her wide network of contacts in Africa and Europe to help her clients achieve their goals. By Working with Lorraine Kljajic under her Consultancy firm- Taye Consulting. entrepreneurs can benefit from her expertise and insights to overcome challenges and cease opportunities, ultimately taking their business to the next level.

Not to mention

Fashion & Beauty Promotion

With a keen eye for style and passion for beauty, Lorraine Kljajic has successfully promoted a wide range of fashion and beauty brands and products.

And let's not forget

Philanthropy & Social Impact

Lorraine Kljajic is committed to making a positive impact on the world, supporting a variety of charitable causes and initiatives through her philanthropic work which she does under the Lush Africa Foundation

About Lorraine Shaquan Kljajic "Loshaq"

Lorraine Shaquan Kljajic, also known as Loshaq, is a multi-talented business consultant, entrepreneur, and influencer with a passion for fashion, beauty, and philanthropy, has had a remarkable journey. Half Malawian and half Zimbabwean, she grew up in Tanzania and has lived in South Africa, Netherlands, with strong connections in Croatia, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Her experience of living in different countries and her extensive travels has enabled her to develop an appreciation for different cultures. She is passionate about promoting cultural understanding through her work as a business consultant and influencer. She believes that cultural understanding can help bridge the gap between people from different backgrounds and create a more harmonious world. Through her work with businesses, she helps them understand the importance of embracing diversity and leveraging it to their advantage. Additionally, she uses her platform as an influencer to spread awareness about the value of cultural understanding . With years of experience and a wide network of contacts, Lorraine is dedicated to helping others succeed and make a positive impact on the world.

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